Eat Drink Better: This blog post is about the Food Safety Modernization Act and what exactly it entails.

Discover: Very, very interesting post about how age old trees have helped to convict men accused of infecting women with HIV. Great post with many links to outside sources.

Civil Eats: A follow up post with Morgan Spurlock from the documentary Super Size Me. Find out what his last meal on earth would be!

Healthy Diet Recipes: This blog post isn’t for you, it is for your dog! Find out healthy recipes your best friend will love!

Healthy Living Tips: Find out how to kick your sugar binges in this helpful blog post!

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Become a Healthier You: Read which foods are good for your body, and why!

Health Habits: Kansas State University nutrition professor goes on a Twinkie diet and finds success. Very interesting post.

The Ashtray Blog: This post delves into the costs of smoking cigarettes, and who exactly pays.

Evolving Wellness: What exactly is a Vegan and what are the rules? This post specifically explains the answers.

Health and You: A 5-year-long study about the affect of green tea on breast cancer finally comes to a close. This post divulges the findings.

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Workin’ On My Fitness: A great post about “5 Good Choices for Thanksgiving.” One tip I will be telling myself: “take your time!”

The Beauty Brains: This post is about the possible dangers of using a clay mask to care for your skin.

Herbal Healthcare: A great guide to choosing the best hypoallergenic skincare for your finicky skin!

Project Swole: This post is by Jarret Morrow, M.D. He writes about six great supplements to increase protein.

Yoga for Better Living: Do you know there are different types of Yoga? Read this post to find out which is which!


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Pasta Queen: A chat with Jared advocate of the healthy fast food eatery, Subway. He is getting ready to run the ING Marathon in NYC.

WSJ Health: A good entry about the uses of Fish Oil, like its effects on Type 2 Diabetes.

A Weight Lifted: If you are an emotional eater, like me. Well, that’s mostly just when I am bored, this is the blog post for you! Tips on how to manage your need, more like urge, to eat!

Livin’ La Vida Low Carb: Great post on the how a low-carb diet prolongs life. Interview with a Geneticist as well.

Protein Power: Are you nutritionally ignorant? Find out what blogger and doctor Michael R. Eades has to say on the topic.

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Todd Love: This Marine graduated from my high school, and recently was injured in an IED accident. His girlfriend is updating his medical status. Please read and follow.

Medicine Free Living: Pharmaceutical companies paying doctors to promote their brands. This blog post offers a search to see if your doctor is participating.

Tansplant Network: This post is a heart warming story about a hair stylist who donated a kidney to save a life. Great post.

Spa Botique: This post is about Orofludio makeup and products. Check it out and see if they are good for your skin!

Liberation Wellness: This post is about raw milk and its effects. It has a personal testament of a drinker as well.

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Dr. Gupta: This blog encounters a constant debate, marijuana. It talks about how kids and teens are using at younger ages, and how this can affect their development.

The Health Care Blog: This post is about small businesses and health reform.

Straight From the Doc: Did you know October was spina bifida awareness month? Read this informative post to understand exactly what the disease is.

Ageless Beauty: This blog post talks about  the best anti-aging skin care products!

Optimistic Lifestyle: This post gives you tips on how to live a happier life such as, “do not complain” and “don’t be a lazy bones.” It is a great, enlightening post!

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The Fitness Black Book: This blog post is about carbohydrates and how to eat them in order to stay lean, and avoid destroying your diet and hard work!

Fitsugar: This post is all about how to train for an upcoming race. It is really informative and gives great tips.

Groovy Vegetarian: This post is about people who are interested in vegetarian diets. It points out some places you can look to in the hunt for vegetarian meals.

Pinch My Salt: This is a recipe post for a deliciously, tempting, dish made with only fresh ingredients. Yummy!

Zen to Fitness: If you’re addicted to that morning, afternoon, and evening cup of coffee, or diet coke, this post shows you how to cut the addiction! Follow the steps to live a caffeine free life!

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