The Fitness Black Book: This blog post is about carbohydrates and how to eat them in order to stay lean, and avoid destroying your diet and hard work!

Fitsugar: This post is all about how to train for an upcoming race. It is really informative and gives great tips.

Groovy Vegetarian: This post is about people who are interested in vegetarian diets. It points out some places you can look to in the hunt for vegetarian meals.

Pinch My Salt: This is a recipe post for a deliciously, tempting, dish made with only fresh ingredients. Yummy!

Zen to Fitness: If you’re addicted to that morning, afternoon, and evening cup of coffee, or diet coke, this post shows you how to cut the addiction! Follow the steps to live a caffeine free life!


About Brooke

I am a student at the University of Georgia and this is my first blogging experience! I am majoring in Magazine Journalism with a minor in English.
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