I thought it would be neat to post blog edits from governmental blogs. Here are the ones I thought were good, interesting and worth checking out!

MHS Blog: This blog post is about military funding science research. Want to know what “bioluminescence” is? Read this great post!

Public Health Matters: This blog post is all about bats! If you are an outdoorsy person, you need to read this and be aware of the risks bats can present.

The Sara Bellum Blog: Bellum blogs about celebrities and their recurring drug abuse cycle. She talks about recovery and its process. Good post.

Health Protection Perspectives: This blog is about public health and its link to homelessness. It is an interesting piece.

Disability Blog: Want to know what the PMF program is, and if it affects you? Read this informative post to find out!

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Balanced Health and Nutrition: This blog post is about how vegetables really do keep you healthier, they lower the risk of death. Some steps to healthy eating are easy such as adding peanut butter to your smoothie!

BlogHer Life Well Said: Do nondrinkers really outlive heavy-drinkers? Read this blog post to find out!

Drink2Health: This blog post is about the different oils the stimulate hair growth, and keep your hair healthy. Ladies, this is a great post for you to read if you are looking for long gorgeous locks!

Fit Bottom Girls: This post is short and sweet. It links to other awesome sites about everything fitness. Check it out!

Kitchen Medicine Cooking Medicine: This post is about farming methods. It talks about the movement that people are leaning towards natural farming.

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Fitsugar: If you are a fan of fruit, and sandwiches, check out this blog post about bringing the two together. It mentions different types of healthy fruit sandwiches, interesting for sure!

From MS patient to Fitness Junky: This post is really great for all you iPhone users. The blogger talks about different fitness apps and what they offer, like Sleep Cycle which tracks your stages of sleep.

Thru My Eyes: If you are into working out and lifting weights, this post tells you why an upper body workout is especially beneficial.

Will Taft: I have always assumed organic food has to be healthier for you, but this post goes into detail about why it is healthier and its superior nutrition.

Skinny Taste: When I saw this post it made me instantly hungry. This is a really good recipe post. It has step by step instructions, with pictures. Not to mention the recipes are healthy!

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I picked a simple template because I may add pictures and I do not want it to be too cluttered. I picked the picture of the bright pink flower because I thought it was pretty, it shows a little bit of my personality, and it is vivacious! I chose the white because it provides a sense of cleanliness which I think is appropriate when talking about health.

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